Новорічні вірші англійською мовою для дитячих свят

Новорічні вірші англійською мовою для дитячих святНоворічні вірші англійською мовою для дитячих свят та ранків про Новий рік у школах з вивченням англійської мови.

New Year Day!
New Year Day!
Let us sing.
And let us play!
Father Frost Bring many toys
For little girls And little boys!

When Santa comes to our house
I would like to peek,
But I know, he’ll never come –
Until I fall asleep.

What’s your name?
I’m Santa Claus,
Where’s your home?
Not very close?
Is behind it there that wall?
No, it’s at the far North Pole!

Santa Claus is very old.
Santa Claus’s land is cold.
In his sleigh reindeer with two
He brings presents every year.

Santa, Santa, I want a doll.
Santa, Santa, I want a ball!
Are you a good girl or boy?
If you are, you can have a toy!

Father Frost or Santa Claus, please, this way!
Funny Hare, with your paws come to play!
There are pretty decorations in the hall.
We have sent the invitations to you all.
Wear, please, your or mask cloak with joy.
We’ll dance and sing, and joke to enjoy.
Santa Claus likes to be present at the ball.
And gives his gifts and presents to us all.
All the time we are having fun – there is no pause.
Welcome here and everyone Santa Claus!

Merry, Merry Christmas
Is likely to come.
Merry, Merry Christmas,
You are welcome!
Snow in the window,
Much confetti.
Bright-blue, red and yellow
Lights on the tree.

Smiling eyes and faces,
Sweet music in the hall.
I think someone places
Happiness here for all.

Merry, Merry Christmas
Is likely to come,
Merry, Merry Christmas
You are welcome!

Winter comcs, chills tell us so
On blowing winds, rides the snow
Circling restressly in the breeze,
Layering our grounds, covering our trees.
Its secret purpose, now unfolds
Protecting our lands from fhe cold.
But the snow must melt where it lies
And disappear as winter dies.

by Jim Smith
C is for the Christ child lying in a manger.
H is for the Holy One who saved us all from danger.
R is Him to Remember who died that we may live.
I is to Inspire us that we may always give.
S is for Joyful Songs and sacred hymns that praise.
T is to Thank the Lord us for showing the way.
M is for the Miracles that bless us each day.
A is for the Almighty who always puts us first.
S is for the Shepherd who guides us on the Earth.

Якщо ви знаєте ще невеликі новорічні вірші англійською мовою, які підійшли б для школярів, будемо вдячні за публікацію їх у коментарях до статті.

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Новорічні вірші англійською мовою для дитячих свят

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